MP’s pressure for the Province name and capital

Parameshwar Sah, parliamentary party whip of the Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LoSaPa), said that the name of the state and the capital had not been decided during his tenure. State MP of Janata Samajwadi Party (JA.SA.PA.) Suresh Mandal said that the popular slogan of the road during the Madhes movement was Madhes Pradesh but it was a challenge to pass it from the state assembly. JA.SA.PA. MP Gyanendra Yadav said that there was a long struggle for identity and it was time to institutionalize the achievement.

“The name of the state needs to be decided by consensus of the Madhes states,” Yadav said. Yadav said that it was time to resolve the issue through extensive discussions and homework in the name of the state. “If the voters cannot raise the name and capital, they will have to decide by consensus,” he said.

Lok Sabha MP Rani Sharma Tiwari said that the state government should take advantage of the opportunity to create identity. “The naming of the state has not been possible due to the ego of the parties,” she said. Nepali Congress MP Shiv Chandra Chaudhary said that Janakpur would be suitable as the capital of the state as Janakpur is in the central part of the state. “Birgunj is the economic capital of the country,” said Chaudhary. He argues that Janakpur should be made the capital as most of the structures of the capital are being prepared.

JASAPA MP Rama Ashish Yadav claimed that the state should be named Madhes and the capital Janakpur to protect federalism and respect the Madhes movement. He urged for consensus as there was no alternative to Madhes. Lok Sabha MP Janaki Sharan Sah urged the parties to immediately pass the name and capital proposal from the state assembly as federalism would be tarnished as state 2 could not decide on the name.

CPN (Unified Socialist) MP Manju Yadav demanded that the government bring a joint resolution as the name of the state failed from the state assembly. “The MPs have cracked down on the failed proposal from the state assembly by re-registering it in the state assembly,” said Yadav. It is unfortunate that the parties do not agree on the naming of the state in the same government. She demanded that the parties in the government bring a unanimous proposal.

In the third meeting of the eighth session of the Provincial Assembly Secretariat on Friday, CPN-UML MP Saradadevi Thapa proposed to name Province 2. MP Thapa said that the then CPN (Maoist) had proposed the same name as Janaki. “We had registered a proposal in the name of Janaki from the then CPN (Maoist),” she said. UML was preparing to propose Janak.

As Janakpur is named after Janak, I have proposed to know the name of the state. I have proposed to respect women too, ‘she said. CPN-UML MP Kisori Sah Kamal supported Thapa’s proposal. In Thursday’s meeting, the Unified Socialists also proposed Janaki’s name. Four nominations have been registered for Thursday’s meeting. The JASAPA, LASAPA and UCPN (Maoist) have proposed Madhes while the Congress has proposed Mithila Bhojpura.

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