Curfew in Siraha: Due to extend of general strike of Janmat Party

The Siraha administration has issued a two-day curfew on the East-West Highway and Siraha-Choharwa road section. The administration has issued a restraining order to thwart the CK Raut, Janmat Party.

Chief District Officer Lal Babu Kawari has issued a notice informing about the curfew. The notice states that a restraining order has been issued on December 28 and 29 (tomorrow and day after tomorrow) from 5 am to 7 pm.

In specific area of siraha district specifed curfew has been set up along the National Highway from Balan Khola in the east to Kamala River in the west and PK Raj Enterprises (up to petrol pump) 500 meters from Choharwa to Siraha road section.

During the period, traffic will be smooth on the National Highway and Siraha-Choharwa road section. Action has also been warned against violating the information.

The administration was forced to issue a restraining order after the Janmat Party extended the agitation. Earlier, the Janmat Party had said that the administration was not interested in fulfilling the demand and had decided to hold a sit-in in the district tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

The Janmat Party is in agitation demanding withdrawal of the case registered against the farmers by the village municipality, release of the arrested farmers, investigation into the corruption committed by the chairman of the village, Siddharth Yadav, and timely provision of manure to the farmers.

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