Another Winter Rain Expected From Thursday

Kathmandu, Jan. 5: Right after one-week of westerly impact, another fresh new weather system of the westerly wind has been developed in Nepal since Tuesday.
Meteorologists predict the effects of the western low pressure system will last until Saturday and there will be possibility of more rain in Far-west and light rain in the Mountain and snowfall in the Himalayan region.
The Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) Tuesday issued a special bulletin urging people to be cautious as the system could cause cold and affect daily life including air service, mountaineering, agriculture and transportation.

According to senior meteorologist Sujan Subedi, the general effect has already been felt from today in the far-western region. It is cloudy in the area now. It will start raining in the Far-west from Wednesday.
From Sunday, the system will be weakened and the weather will gradually improve, Subedi said.

According to him, the effect of this system will be felt all over the country. Especially in the Far-west, Karnali, Lumbini and Gandaki provinces will have more impact. Light to moderate snowfall is expected in most parts of the high hills and mountains of these provinces.Light snowfall is also expected in some parts of high hilly and mountainous areas of Bagmati region, he said.

“The Kathmandu Valley will be less affected on Tuesday and Wednesday and but will have more impact on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, said Subedi.
Compared to other Provinces, its impact is expected to be less in Provinces 1 and 2, according to the notice issued on Tuesday.

Another meteorologist Manju Basi said that there is less likely to be snowfall in the Kathmandu Valley this time. Last week ago, the weather system had caused clouds, rain and snowfall all over the country including the Valley. According to meteorologists, the new system of this week is a bit weaker than the last week system.

It will have a rain in the Valley but not like that of continuous rain of the last week, she said.
She said that the possibility of snowfall in the vicinity of the Valley is less this time. Last time impact of the westerly arrived on December 28 and that was fourth impact of this winter season.
“The new system introduced now from Tuesday from the Far-west is the fifth of its kind. Such phenomena should be taken as normal. “Rainfall in winter is caused by westerly winds. So it should be taken as normal,” she said.

In Nepal, the period from December 1 to February 28 is considered as winter season.

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